Friday, 4 May 2012

Starbucks Review: Does it always taste the same?

When traveling, one of the first places I usually go to is Starbucks. The main reasons being; I must have my daily dose of caffeine, it's located conveniently in most countries, and it's something familiar when you're away from home.
But the problem I have with Starbucks is its unpredictability. No matter what Starbucks I go to in Kuwait, I know my drink will be made in the exact same way every time, regardless of what branch. Unfortunately, that is not the case in other countries. You could visit the same Starbucks branch a few times a week, and every drink you receive will taste different. Either there is more/less syrup or different amounts of coffee put into your drink.
Last and not least, I've noticed the ingredients differ from country to country. In Kuwait, flavourings all come in syrups and although other countries have fresh(er) ingredients, I think the prices of coffee in Kuwait are amongst the highest.

Whats your experience with Starbucks in Kuwait & foreign countries?

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