Monday, 16 July 2012

Fursa Pre-Ramadhan Event

Yesterday the duo attended Fursa to check out their ramadhan dara'as and beautiful shop. I completely fell in love with the concept! it's a place for local or regional youths to showcase their work whether it be clothing, paintings, accessories, or home decor. There were three rooms each with a specific theme which were: the vintage room, concept room, and haute couture room.
Overall, it was a great experience and a wonderful place. I urge everyone to go visit!

Concept room: with a funky interior this is room is filled with eclectic art, apparel, and home decor pieces.
Vintage room: this room is designed to give an old school vibe with is aided with the beautiful vintage clothes it holds.
Haute couture room: delicate flowers and golden cages are the trademark of this room. It carries night gowns and delicate dresses.
Fursa is located opposite The One, Marina Mall, near Breakfast and Brunch

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