Friday 27 April 2012

Millie's Cookies Vs. Ben's Cookies

On more important matters, if there’s one thing I take very seriously, it is a good cookie, yes ma’am. I’ve been having serious and long discussions about who makes the better cookie (which have included hours of nail biting debates, might I mention). Ben's Cookies are definately more popular, have great displays, and are located in prime locations. But when talking strictly about cookie goodness, Millies are flatter, chewier, and the chocolate pieces are better spread out. Whereas Ben's chocolate chips are melted sort of randomly all over the outside and inside of the cookie (I swear im not crazy! I just know a good cookie when I see one -.-). 
So I have reached the verdict (drumroll please..) that Millies do indeed have better cookies (dodges chair thrown at me). It’s a dirty job making such tough decisions (dusts self off), but somebody gotta do it. 
Your welcome (wink).


  1. When fresh I would say Ben's Cookies are better but when cold it's definitely Millies. In any case your Ben's Cookies photo looks delicious!

    1. I've never tried them in that order of temperature, but i'll keep it in mind next time, thanks ;)