Sunday, 24 June 2012

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Just before the tour starts..

One of my favourite places of the tour, the main hall in Hogwarts

Hanging candles

Harrys bedroom & original clothes from the movie

Moving paintings from the staircase scenes

The Weasly's home, the wands are interactive so you can control certain things

Green screen & broom from scenes of playing witich

Butterbeer, its non-alcoholic don't worry ;p it didn't taste that nice, but we had to give it a try ;)

The street where Harry goes shopping for his wand, owl ect.. loved it!

Wand store room

Different flavoured beans in the gift shop

More wands, they had all the different cast members wands from the movie.. below was Rons

All in all, we had a great day out. However, I would only recommend those who've seen the Harry Potter movies to go to the studio tour, or else you might have some difficulty recognising props and scenes etc.. 

I'd give the whole experience 7/10.
Over and out. 

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