Tuesday, 5 June 2012

London: Meat Liquor

American style burgers in London where the line could take a full hour and a half. We were lucky enough to not wait that long, Thank God! 


If there is a queue when you arrive, please join the back of it. In order to best serve all our guests we do not seat incomplete parties, this helps reduce waiting times by decreasing open tables. 

This is whats written on their website. Their food are served on a tray in a casual way which is fun, the kitchen rolls on the tables are used as napkins, and drinks are served in jam jars/pickle jars! The chicken buffalo burger was amazing especially with extra sauce on the side, and the fries were good as well. A friend of mine tried their fried pickles and chicken wings and absolutely loved them. The interior was loud and dark with drawings on the walls and ceiling. 

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